The world famous dk-whois perl script.

Since dk-hostmaster denied access to their whois server, the fun of using: whois -h {} was brought to a full stop !

So I decided to write a little perl util, that could go on the dk-hostmaster website, and parse out the result of a whois query in the console.

This was the first version. [view source]

It actually worked just fine, however our friends at dk-hostmaster decided to change, the way their query form was returning the answer.. (way to go...)

This is a brand new, and functioning version. [view source]

For those of you that are using the first version, I have also made a patch.

Patch for the first version. [view patch] [download patch]

Here is how to use the patch:
Goto to the dir containing your original version og the dk-whois script. And do as follows:

lamer@bastard ~# patch -p < dk-whois.patch

That is it......


$Id: dk-whois.html,v 1.2 2002/01/18 14:15:58 mich Exp $